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The selection of weight loss supplements and shakes are varied - Why?

Well, we understand that no two people are the same, and therefore, when weight loss supplements work for one person, it may not work the same for someone else.

Some prefer taking a delicious and filling weight loss shake rather than a weight loss tablet, and that is why we pack all of our shakes and supplements with the very best, scientifically-proven formulated ingredients to help you towards achieving your weight loss goals.

Our shakes not only come in a selection of flavours but if you are unsure which is the flavour for you, you can select the variety pack to taste test. Enjoy some hot and cold meal replacement shakes with our best selling Shake It Slim Variety Pack

If meal replacement shakes aren't for you and you are looking to make healthier meal choices, take a look at our Bake It Slim range, offering high protein mug cakes and pancake mixes that are quick and easy to make. 

The Forza fat metaboliser will help aid weight loss if you are after a supplement to contribute to a healthy diet and exercise regime, or for a quick on the go solution that can easily be put into your bag or taken on a quick break. 

How do I know if they are good quality?

Weight loss trials, programmes and supplements have increased massively over the past decade, which means it can be harder to understand what a diet product does - and whether the quality of them is good enough.

That’s why we are proud to manufacture our supplements at our very own BRC (British Retail Consortium) accredited manufacturing facility. This means we know every single ingredient that goes into our weight loss products, providing you with the very best, high quality supplements that really work.

Take a look at our weight loss supplements below to choose the right ones for your weight loss.