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The most delicious form of weight loss

Our bestselling meal replacement shakes are now even better! Designed with weight loss in mind, our tasty shakes now contain 60% less sugar and an improved 200 calories per serving. Amazing! The new Shake it Slim meal replacement shakes also contain 22 different minerals and vitamins to support your weight loss with essential nutrients. That’s not it – by just adding water to create your shake, you are able to enjoy the great taste of Shake it Slim hot or cold! Hot chocolate anybody?


The shake down

Designed for weight loss

Great for on the go – just add water

60% Less sugar

Only 200 Calories per serving

Can be used hot or cold

High in fibre

High in protein

22 Different minerals and vitamins

Suitable for vegetarians


We’re confident that our new meal replacements are going to shake up the scene, so why not join our weight loss revolution and shake your way to success?