Body Pow Weight Loss Shot Drink Strawberry

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7 days a of diet confidence in a box, this is what the team at Body Pow wanted to achieve and they have nailed it with their Weight Loss Shot Drink Strawberry that contains 21 sachets, that when mixed with water, will help fill your tummy with healthy vitamins and an expanding fibre.

  • Fruity and delicious, a drink you will actually enjoy
  • Each portion is already measured to support weight loss
  • Makes you feel fuller for longer

Pack Size: 21 Shot Drinks

Supply: 7 Day

Body Pow Weight Loss Shot Drink Strawberry

£5.00 £9.99
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Body Pow, the latest and most fun weight loss products that launched in 2019 have introduced their most popular weight loss shot drink in juicy strawberry flavour.

Each Pack of 21 sachets is designed to give you 7-day confidence with your weight loss regime. It is a really simple program and any one can follow it. Simply take a sachet, 20 minutes before, before each meal, Morning, Noon and Night. Mix the sachet with 200ml of mineral or drinking water and enjoy.

To get the best results, follow this plan:


In the morning you wake up, before you put on your make-up, have a little drink for you. Take a delicious sachet of strawberry weight loss shot drink and mix it with 200ml of water. This blend is made for your morning, giving you energy to get to work and get your beast day underway. Loaded up with a dose of vitamin c to support your immunity and niacin, panax ginseng, riboflavin and thiamine you will get the most of from an energy yielding metabolism.

The shake is not only packed with goodness, to help you meet your weight loss goals, the main ingredient, Konjac fibre is released into your stomach and immediately starts to swell. The fibre grows in your tummy and makes you feel like you have already eaten, reducing hunger pangs and helping you to make better food choices. We all make bad decisions when ordering breakfast if we are starving hungry. The Body Pow konjac fibre takes the edge off the cravings and helps you to feel fuller.


We all use lunch time as a milestone to look forward to. The workplace empties and everyone rushes off to buy a meal deal or to fill up on whatever smells best at the local eatery. Take your time, mix up a stick pack sachet of the strawberry weight loss shot drink and wait 20 minutes.

The konjac gets straight to work, making you feel fuller and reducing the hunger, allowing you to make better choices for a healthy lunch. Now you will feel the effects of guarana seed extract, zinc and vitamin B12 as they focus on varying degrees of energy supply to get you through the afternoon. No afternoon slump here, you will feel revitalised and proud of your healthy lunch choices.


Make your way home or eating out, make sure you load up on another sachet, this time the ingredients work in reverse. Still filling you up gently and providing a fuller feeling, but now you get the calming extracts of chamomile and magnesium to sooth you into the night. Vitamins E and B6 compliment this delicious night-cap and allow you to eat a health dinner without the guilt.


Serving Size: 1 Supplement
Servings per Container:150







Panax Ginseng Extract equivalent to


Vitamin C



Niacin (B3)



Riboflavin (B2)



Thiamine (B1)



* Nutrient Reference Value

† No NRV established

Safety Advice

This product contains caffeine and should be used as in conjunction with a sensible exercise program.

This product is not intended to be your sole source of nutrition and should be used alongside a regular healthy diet.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a medical condition, or are under the age of 18, please consult with your doctor before using this product.


Store in a cool, dry place. Use within 6 months of opening. Keep out of reach of children.

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