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Geordie Shore's Nathan Henry: how Forza Supplements help me to sculpt my dream body

Nathan Henry - Geordie Shore

Losing weight and getting into shape is hard. You can achieve your goals much more quickly with help from the right supplements. The team at Forza developed a programme for me. It involved up to two hours' exercise a day, supported by the use of supplements.

I changed my overall lifestyle by cutting out junk food and all alcohol and sugary drinks while working on a great exercise routine that suited me. I felt rubbish after we finished filming the new series of Geordie Shore, i had put on a stone and a half and when all the lads in the house had amazing abs it made me feel a whole lot worse. I decided to make a change that would help me lose belly fat and control my calories.

I swapped some lunches for Forza Shake It Slim meal replacements, which contain only 204 calories per serving but have all the nutrients you need and leave you feeling full. With three great tasting flavours, i could choose between the flavours depending on what I fancied that day. The sweet taste stops any cravings and having individual sachets made it easy to take them with me on the go.

If I needed some extra energy for the gym, I would take the Raspberry K2 capsules which give you a lot of added zip and take the edge off your appetite. They really helped.

During the 12 weeks I also used Forza Fat Binder, a really effective fat binder which helps you to lose weight more quickly.

I also used Forza Weight Loss Capsules which fill you up before meals and means you can eat around half the calories of a regular meal.

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