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Hair, skin and nail vitamins

Your hair, skin and nails are all parts of the body that can display to the outside world if you are stressed, anxious or unwell, amongst other things. They are battered daily by environmental factors, including UV rays, pollution and harsh weather. Beauty products and heated hair styling tools also have an affect on these delicate surfaces, including makeup, hair dryers, straighteners and nail varnish.

All these elements can weaken your hair, skin and nails, especially as some beauty products have ingredients in them that can aggravate the skin and turn nails yellow, with heated products causing your hair to split and dry out.

It is no wonder, therefore, that they need a little helping hand to keep them looking their best - and keep them strong enough to handle whatever gets thrown their way.

That’s why we have produced the very best supplement for your hair, skin and nails, containing the vitamins and minerals they need to stay in tip top condition.

Hair, skin and nail vitamins helps to improve hair condition and shine, make skin smoother and softer and keep nails healthy and strong. So what is it that makes hair supplements such an important vitamin supplement to have in your repertoire?

Well, as well as a few essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, including Vitamin C and E, the ingredients that gives the hair, skin, nail vitamins the power is collagen, MSM and grape seed. Collagen is a fundamental protein to the human body; it is what helps to give our skin its elasticity, and, as you get older, its volume decreases. Grape seed offers a boost of antioxidants and helps in the fight against ageing, while MSM strengthens hair and nails, improves complexion and supports collagen production.

Take a look at our hair, skin and nails with collagen supplement to help support the growth, maintenance and strength of your nails, hair and skin. The perfect boost to give your body the helping hand in looking glorious.