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Detoxing is a process that has seen a rise in popularity over the past few years, as it helps to cleanse certain parts of the body - including the intestines, liver and colon, getting rid of any nasty toxins. It is thought to aid in weight loss and slimming too, as a quick fix to help get you on your weight loss journey.

Detoxing essentially works by fasting, and restricting the types of food you eat, for a period of time. When detoxing you’ll normally be restricted to a diet of fruit, vegetables and water, although this can include detox supplements and sometimes herbal teas too. It is only appropriate to commence for a shorter period of time rather than long term, as your body won’t be able to sustain working efficiently on this restricted diet.

Once you have detoxed you should feel more energised, with even your skin looking more radiant too thanks to ridding your body of the nasty toxins that have built up inside of you.

Our detox capsules help your body to remove these unwanted toxins while you are detoxing, and also aid in reducing toxic build up if you carry on taking them once you have finished your detox diet.

Our detox supplements include key and natural ingredients for you to get maximum results, as well as soothing your cleansed areas too. One of the main ingredients, Chlorella, promotes your body to detox by positively affecting the function of your kidneys, liver and gallbladder, to get your body to a better and improved state, in full working order.

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