Love Island star Jonny Mitchell has told how he lost a stone and got super ripped in six weeks ahead of Celebrity Big Brother, saying: "I had to get rid of my man boobs and beer belly for the hot tub."

He went teetotal and used Forza Shake it Slim and Forza Raspberry K2 supplements to reduce his calorie intake and help with portion control.

Speaking just before entering CBB last week, he said: "“After leaving Love Island I just let myself go. I was out partying most nights and then would eat junk food late at night and then the next day would comfort eat my way out of the hangover. My weight was out of control and was just short of 15 stone.  I was ashamed of how I looked and there is no way I would have wanted to get my top off and get in the CBB hot tub looking like that!

"The worst thing was my belly and I had a 37.5 inch waistline, but now only a month and a half later it’s down to a lean 34 inches, which is just right for my height and build.

Jonny's body blitz diet devised by Forza Supplements

Breakfast 8am - Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon
Snack 11am - 8 fresh cashew nuts or 1 satsuma
Lunch 1pm - grilled haddock, steamed broccoli or a chocolate Shake It Slim shake
If there are hunger pangs at around 4pm then take one Raspberry K2.
Dinner 6pm - grilled salmon and roasted vine tomatoes or a vanilla Shake It Slim shake
No eating after 7pm.
Drinks - Two litres of water throughout the day and taken with meals.