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Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are three essential amino acids that help to make up muscle protein. They also help in protecting your muscles from the catabolic effect caused by working out, and your diet.

The catabolic effect is the process of your muscles breaking down, and happens when you are specifically on a calorie restricted diet. When on this sort of diet your body will eventually break down muscle for energy, and to help replenish the fat stores which it is trying to hold onto. This can, and does, affect people - it makes them feel lethargic and fatigued, which in turn can make your training sessions harder and more tiring, resulting in less lean muscle mass.

So what do you do to help prevent this from hampering your fitness goals?

Well, by taking BCAA tablets you are helping to protect and support your muscle growth and reduce the catabolic effect on your muscles. This supplement can help to stimulate protein synthesis (muscle growth) and a cell’s capacity to synthesize protein, as well as reducing the time and rate at which protein breaks down.

BCAA’s are classed as essential amino acids because they cannot be made by the body, and therefore have to be consumed within the diet and through taking supplements. Making sure you’re getting the amino acids you need will help to protect your muscles and give you the confidence that you’re 100% getting your daily requirements of BCAA’s.

This supplement is beneficial to anyone who works out, whether that’s for improving your cardio or building your muscle size, and for all sportsmen and women. It is best to take BCAA tablets straight after you have finished working out, so they can get to work protecting your muscles from the after effects of exercise.

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