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about emma

Emma Thair-White from Grays, Essex was a dress size 22 with low self-esteem and tipped the scales at 15st.

The mother-of-two who had yo-yoed in weight for 25 years looked to overhaul her diet and turned to FORZA to help boost her self-esteem and kick start her weight loss.

her story

Emma admits that unhealthy eating habits had escalated after her mother passed away. The shop worker reached the end of her tether when she was described to her children as their ‘fat mum’. Distraught Emma made some significant changes to her life, cutting out alcohol and changing her diet by swapping over to low-fat meals and snacking on nutrition bars.

After losing a stone, Emma turned to FORZA to support her final weight loss push.

"I was so ashamed of my body that I took the pictures you can see today of me at my biggest. I thought this would give me the inspiration to lose lots of weight."

“I have worked so hard to get where I am now. I am not going to let all that good work go to waste.”

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raspberry k2

Mighty slimming supplement that has been used by thousands of dieters every year to support weight loss potential. Emma used FORZA Raspberry K2 and successfully achieved her slimming goals.