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about pete

Pete Cavender is a 37-year old father of three who overhauled his diet after humiliation over his weight.

After a family trip to Legoland at Windsor, Pete's ride on the log flume was memorable - for all of the wrong reasons.

23-stone Pete from Maidstone, weighed down the log ride so much that it wouldn't move in the water. While family and friends could see the funny side, Pete had to shunt the log to reach the end.

After trying to laugh the situation off, Pete realised his weight had ballooned out of control.

"The log just got stuck. It was supposed to get rushed along by all the fast-moving water but it just got jammed, largely because of my weight."

Having over eaten for a number of years, Pete would often munch on a whole 10-piece KFC family bucket. At his largest, Pete weighed in 23 stone and had a 48 inch waist.

After radically changing his diet by removing junk food, exercising regularly by swimming; counting calories became an important part of monitoring his intake. Pete also introduced FORZA Raspberry Ketones to his diet.

Since his nightmare day at Legoland, Pete shed a total of eight stone whilst losing three stone in the first three months.

"I had a 48-inch waist and I knew that if I didn't lose weight and radically change my lifestyle I was going to run into serious health problems."

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Raspberry Ketones

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