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about dan

Dan Davidson is a 26-year-old joiner from Grimsby. He used to be a regular party boy – eating nothing but fast food and thinking nothing of drinking a bottle of vodka every weekend.

However, Dan decided to ditch his unhealthy lifestyle after feeling too embarrassed to take off his t-shirt while on holiday in Majorca. By giving up his alcohol binges and starting a high-protein diet, Dan was able to transform his life and now has a body to rival that of David Beckham.

Dan's Old Diet

In the past, Dan would never look past food that was fast, convenient and, ultimately, unhealthy. It was not uncommon for Dan to consume more than 6,000 calories in a single day and he would also finish every week off with a large bottle of vodka.

7am Large bowl of Coco Pops with full-fat milk.

12.30pm Cheese and ham panini with chips.

3pm Cup of tea with half a pack of biscuits.

5.30pm Pasta bake followed by a chocolate mousse.

8pm Snacks and sweets.

“I was going to the gym every day but it was making no difference to my body shape. The problem was that I was eating all the wrong things and bingeing on alcohol every weekend.”

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Dan’s New Diet

The first thing that Dan did was to replace his favourite foods and snacks with healthy, high-protein cuts of meat, such as grilled chicken and fish. He made sure that he ate at least five small meals every day and avoided alcohol altogether.

7am Scrambled eggs with six egg whites. 40g of porridge with wholegrain oats.

10am 150g of turkey breast with spinach.

12.30pm Grilled chicken and sweet potato.

3pm 150g of skinless haddock.

5.30pm Chicken breast with brown rice.  

"I have worked so hard to get the body of my dreams. Now I am enjoying celebrating that success!"

Dan used FORZA T5 Super Strength as part of his transformation, providing him high strength pre-workout supplement that has been used by thousands of slimmers every year including former X Factor singer Ray Quinn.