Over the last few weeks, I have made lots of healthy changes thanks to Forza who asked me to try out their Shake it Slim Milkshakes.

First up I made my plans and wrote down all the things I wanted to change about myself, eating habits and fitness routine. I wanted to lose weight because I needed to lose weight and wanted to lose weight.

Need To Lose Weight Because:

Over the last year or so I have slowly started to gain a little weight. It is something I have tried not to worry or think about too much but it has now got to the point where nothing in my wardrobe fits me only my joggers and stretchy leggings!!

Want To Lose Weight:

I really want to start running again. At the minute I can feel every lb of weight I've gained and it just doesn't feel good to run. If I lose weight I know it will start to feel easier.
You can read all my goals here:
Two weeks in and my plans were slowly turning into reality and I am still sticking to them. 
I have changed 3/4 afternoon walks into runs.

Cut down on milky cappuccinos from 2 a day to the odd one about 3 times a week.

Cut down on morning and afternoon snacking and having a shake it slim instead.

Cut down on alcohol from a glass or two a night to a few at the weekend.
You can read my post here: Two Week's In: Shake It Slim With Forza.
Slowly my plans are all coming together. 
If something happens like I eat a snack bar or bag of crisps I do not let it worry me too much. If I let it bother me I would perhaps end up eating even more, like I have in the past. 
I have started trying to exercise regularly and look after my body inside and out. 
I have been trying out the FORZA Shake it Slim Starter Pack & FREE Shaker Bundle. This starter pack has 7 days worth of meal replacement shakes in 3 tasty flavours. Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. It also comes with a great shaker bottle which mixes the milkshakes up perfectly.

About The FORZA Shake it Slim Starter Pack & FREE Shaker Bundle:

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Purpose: Weight Loss
Easy to mix slimming shakes – just add water
Large supply – 7 day diet shakes
FREE meal replacement shaker

Shake it Slim is a delicious weight loss meal replacement shakes designed to support safe and healthy weight loss. Replace two meals per day with meal replacement shakes for daily weight loss support.

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