Don’t get us wrong, we love a good fart joke as much as the next person, but when the food you’re eating gives you that ‘whoops moment’ it can leave you feeling embarrassed and sometimes even in pain, which let’s be honest is not so much fun. 

But why do some foods make our wind smell more than others?

Well, there are several reasons as to why certain foods can effect people differently. The main being that some foods allow for more bacteria to thrive in your gut than others do, which causes your food to ferment and in turn causes you to release a far more potent smell. Having said this, there are some usual suspects that are renowned for giving people a rather wafty odour upon eating them.

So which foods are the key culprits?

Up front and centre as one of the main causes of nasty smelling wind are..

Dairy products

This foul odour causing food group probably isn’t all that surprising. Lactose intolerance is a common issue amongst many people, but because some dairy products contain high levels of sulphur (an element of the periodic table renowned for being smelly) this tends to leave people with a do we say this? Different odour upon digesting their food.


Why not opt for some almond or soy milk as an alternative to milk. There are also many lactose free products such as vegan friendly cheese that are increasingly becoming more and more available, making it easier to introduce a substitute dairy product to your diet.


Garlic and onions

As well as deterring vampires and making your breath smell, garlic and onions are also known for causing bad wind upon being eaten. Both vegetables are high in fructans which tend to ferment in the intestines. It’s this process that creates an increased amount of hydrogen and methane, which in turn causes the nasty smelling gas. In addition to this, garlic and onions are also high in sulphur..and we're sure by now you know what that means!


OK, so what if you’re a huge fan of garlic? Instead of opting for these gut irritating veggies, why not try other herbs and spices like thyme, turmeric, and basil? These will bring additional flavours to your meal and your gut will thank you for the lack of additional processing it has to do.


Fruits that are high in fructose

This one may surprise you. We’re always being told to make sure we squeeze in our 5 a day, but what you may not realise is the effect that this additional fruit has on your gut. Another common cause of foul smelling flatulence are high fructose fruits. Fruit juices, as well as fruits such as apples and mango, all cause greater amounts of fructose sugars which can have a negative effect your future health.


Try opting for some fruits which are lower in fructose, such as blueberries and strawberries.

Last but most certainly not least..The kings and queens of the fartle factor are…You guessed it!


Beans, they’re high in protein and depending on your taste, are quite tasty..Not to mention, they are the staple point in any fry up. So why do they smell so bad? Well the answer is again due to the high levels of sulphur they contain. They are also high concentrations of raffinose and stachyose, which the bacteria we referred to earlier that quickly break down to CO2, hydrogen and methane. “Peeyeww!”


Try eating some salmon instead for that protein push .


How to counteract smelly gas

Ultimately food intolerance is a very common cause of foul smelling flatulence and because each person is different with different constitutions some guts are simply more tolerant to some food than others are. If you’re lucky enough to be one of the more tolerant people then aren’t you lucky!? The trick is knowing what foods effect you, so here are our suggestions:

Keep a food diary

Keeping a food diary of what you’ve eaten and when will help you to pin point exactly what foods cause you to react badly. This way you can then exclude said item from your diet and be aware of ordering that particular food in restaurants that contain the ingredient in the future.

Keep our Coconut Activated Charcoal capsules on hand for when you accidentally eat a main offender

 Activated charcoal is the saving grace of gas related issues. There are numerous benefits to taking this product and one of the key ones is that it stops your gas from smelling quite so bad. In addition to this it also helps with bloating as it traps toxins and chemicals which are released during digestion, so that your stomach can not re-absorb it so easily. It truly works wonders and is most beneficial for your gut health. Make sure to drink plenty of water when consuming the charcoal capsules as this helps to flush the toxins more effectively. Scroll down to purchase your charcoal capsules.