Eating Pasta Has Been Linked To Weight Loss


Grab your forks ladies and gentlemen, our prayers have been answered! Eating pasta as part of a low glycemic index diet can result in weight loss, compared to a higher glycemic index diet a new study has found. 


What is a low glycemic index food?


Low glycemic index foods are foods that do not make your blood sugar spike. Examples of these foods include oatmeal, beans, nuts and most fruits. White bread, crackers, cookies and other foods that contain refined carbohydrates are considered high GI foods. 

The author of the study, Laura Chiavaroli PHD, stated that although pasta is a refined carbohydrate, it has a low glycemic index. These lower GI foods are more filling and delay hunger and snacking.

Of course, this doesn't mean that you can eat as much pasta as you like without seeing some form of consequence. When eaten in moderation it is fine. It also depends on the ingredients included within the pasta dish, as cream filled sauces and cheese will also affect the GI index. 


pasta helps you lose weight

 FORZA's Favourite Pasta Dish



- 60g dry pasta

- Rocket leaves

- Cherry tomatoes

- 1 tablespoon green pesto

- 1/2 teaspoon grain mustard



- Boil pasta until just cooked but still has a bite to it

- Mix the mustard and pesto together 

- Cut cherry tomatoes in half

- When drained, combine the pasta and tomatoes, stir in pesto mustard mix

- Serve on a bed of rocket leaves and enjoy!