Did you know that our brilliant Shake it Slim Just Add Milk Tubs are now back in stock and have just had a pretty packaging update?! This delicious range of diet meal replacement shakes are designed to help you on your weight loss journey and helps to support safe weight loss. The product can be used by both male and female dieters to either reduce their body weight (by taking two servings per day) or help to maintain their current body weight (by taking one serving per day).

Simply add one heaped scoop of the powder (35g) to 200ml of semi-skimmed milk and stir until fully dissolved. For an even smoother shake, why not mix the powder and milk together in your favourite shaker cup? Losing weight is much easier when the body is properly nourished and not deficient in any particular vitamins and minerals, so this kind of support is vital to dieters. Most people expect shakes to lose weight fast, however when maintained in a healthy diet, users will see great results in 12 weeks. 

Whilst most diet powders are intended to be mixed with water, Forza Shake it Slim has been formulated so that it can be mixed with semi-skimmed milk. This allows for a richer, creamier taste, while providing a healthier and more nutritious drink overall. With a great range of fantastic flavours, there is something for everyone!  

Forza Shake it Slim is the most delicious way to lose weight, with different shakes on offer for every occasion! Head to our website to buy this product in Summer Strawberry, Double Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream right now for only £6.99! What a bargain! Hurry and get your Shake it Slim meal replacements now!