Shake It Slim Range From Forza


What is Shake It Slim?

FORZA Shake It Slim is a great tasting, easy to make meal replacement shake designed to aid safe and effective weight loss. In three great vegetarian and gluten free flavours, they make a great shake on their own, but also provide a good base for making your own individual creations. Choose from Vanilla Ice Cream, Summer Strawberry or Double Chocolate.


Shake It Slim can be used by both male and female dieters to either manage and reduce body weight by enjoying 2 shakes per day, or to maintain current body weight by enjoying a single shake per day. When using meal replacements within a calorie controlled diet, it has been proven that users will lose up to 7% of their body weight within 12 weeks (Heymsfield et al,. 2003).


Losing weight is a lot easier when the body is properly nourished with the appropriate vitamins and minerals, vital to helping the body shed pounds. Shake It Slim provides 22 vitamins and minerals, including several antioxidants, to ensure the body is in the right state to lose weight better efficiently. At just 225kcal per serving, you can maintain general health and immunity without adding extra calories!


Simply add 1 scoop of your chosen flavour into 200ml semi-skimmed milk and stir with a spoon or shake in a shaker cup until fully dissolved. The majority of weight loss shakes are intended to be mixed with water, however Shake It Slim is formulated to be mixed with semi-skimmed milk for a much richer, creamier taste and another healthy source of calcium to support bone strength.


With 12.1g of high quality protein per scoop, you receive extra benefits of suppressing appetite and recovering muscles from regular exercise, preparing you for your next session and releasing energy more effectively.


FORZA Shake It Slim has been used by the likes of Geordie Shore star Nathan Hardy. He lost an incredible 32lbs in 12 weeks with the help of FORZA’s Shake It Slim range and a balanced diet. To hear his story, click here: (insert the jan link)


What Makes Shake It Slim Different?

Shake It Slim is the best selling meal replacement range from FORZA, a fast moving industry leader, breaking down barriers and exploring new ideas as it continues to strive for perfection. It includes a range of pioneering products for weight loss, which are manufactured at our very own British Retail Consortium accredited manufacturing facility. This means we know every single ingredient that goes into our weight loss products, providing the very best, high quality shakes and supplements that really do work.


Not sure which flavour to try first?

If you are unsure which flavour you would like the most, why not purchase the starter pack. Containing individual sachets, they are easy to take on the go, deciding your favourite flavour has never been easier. To make it simple, these on - the - go sachets are easily mixed with water instead of milk.

Shake It Slim Starter Pack | FORZA

General Information

This product should be used as part of an energy-restricted diet and in conjunction with a sensible exercise programme. Do no exceed the recommended daily dose of 2 servings. This product is not intended to be your sole source of nutrition and should be used alongside one balanced meal (600kcal for women, 800kcal for men) each day. It is important to maintain an adequate fluid intake when using the product. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a medical condition, or are under the age of 18, please consult with your doctor before using this product.


Shake It Slim Allergens: This product contains milk and soya.