Jonny Mitchell - Are You Next? | FORZA

Jonny Mitchell is a 26 year old jet setter from Essex, who landed on our screens in Love Island 2017 where the fun loving, Instagram scouted star caused a lot of controversy.

When Jonny isn't working as a Business Director in Essex, he leads a very luxurious lifestyle. He loves to travel, with his Instagram filled with pictures from around the globe in various gorgeous settings. (No we aren't jealous either!) 

Now, the nation are watching his every move in Celebrity Big Brother, where he will face tasks and other housemates to attempt to win the hearts of many and win a place in the final of the show. With all eyes on him, Jonny knew he had to look his best when entering the popular reality show. 

With Jonny's lifestyle being very varied and busy, he knew he would have to make a big change to his diet and exercise. He was eating out a lot, regularly drinking alcohol and not watching his weight. Starting the process, Jonny weighed in at 14 Stone 10 pounds. He started to make healthier life choices, exercise at the gym 3 times a week and replace 2 meals a day with FORZA's Shake It Slim Starter Pack, as well as using Raspberry K2 Fat Metaboliser capsules.

Jonny Mitchell Diet Plan | FORZA

The Shake It Slim Starter Pack was a great way for Jonny to keep on plan while busy and on the go. With 3 flavours in convenient "just add water" sachets, he could take them anywhere. Each sachet contains only 204 calories and 22 various vitamins and minerals, including 7 antioxidants, meaning calorie control was easily available. The Raspberry K2 Fat Metaboliser gave a great boost before workouts, while supporting fat loss meaning gym sessions were harder and longer than before, shedding the pounds. 

This, mixed with a nutritionally balanced third meal meant that Jonny saw fantastic results in 6 weeks. Jonny lost 1 stone in 6 weeks weighing 13 stone 10 pounds, changing unhealthy habits and becoming more active in the meantime, as well as achieving his goal of losing weight before his time in CBB. 


Jonny Mitchells Gym Workout Plan | FORZA