Geordie Shore star Nathan Henry has lost an amazing 32lbs and sculpted his dream body with the help of FORZA Shake It Slim.

The 26 year old slimmed down from 16 stone 11lbs to 14 stone 7lbs in a bid to get in shape for the new series of the hit MTV show which started on January 9th. He lost a total of 4 inches from his waist, but got the "Superhero" torso he had hoped for, adding 2 inches in the area due to a high intensity exercise regime. 

Nathan Henry Loses weight with FORZA

His desire to lose weight came from 'ripped' co stars and the success his female co-stars had with their own weight loss regimes so he decided to team up with FORZA in order to change his lifestyle. Nathan put on 21lbs in just 6 weeks while filming the new series of Geordie Shore as the cast traveled to Tenerife where he encountered wild parties and lots of junk food and alcohol. Nathan has always had trouble losing weight and keeping it off, but this time he needed a change. 

He changed his lifestyle by cutting out junk food and all alcohol and sugary drinks while working on a great exercise routine that suited him in order to lose his belly fat. "I felt rubbish after we finished filming the new series. I had put on a stone and a half and when all the lads in the house have amazing abs it makes you feel a whole lot worse. Aaron was training for his MMA fight when we were in the house, so that inspired me to take action".

Nathan started using the Shake It Slim meal replacement shakes Starter Pack to support his weight loss, swapping fatty breakfasts and high calorie lunches for meal replacement shakes containing just 200 calories, but including 22 vitamins and minerals to help prime his body for weight loss. This was a huge change from his up to 7000 calorie eating habits. For added energy for the gym, Nathan used Raspberry K2 capsules for a boost to motivate a better workout. 

Shake It Slim Nathan Henry FORZA

Working with the Shake It Slim range included within his diet has given Nathan a regular routine which has helped him adapt his unhealthy habits and avoid worrying about his appearance, which often got him down. "I really do feel like a new man - clean eating for 12 weeks has changed me for the better. I worked out for two hours a day with a variety of exercises specifically designed to flatten my pot belly and i completely overhauled my diet. Out went the pie and chips and in came the turkey breast and the steamed vegetables. I would miss lunch most days and have a Shake It Slim meal replacement instead which filled me up until dinner."

During the 12 weeks of training, Nathan also used Shake It Slim Fat Binders, an effective way of absorbing fat and helping to lose weight efficiently. Shake It Slim Weight Loss Capsules also ensured that Nathan felt full before eating meals so he didn't feel hungry after healthy meals and give in to snacking. 

Nathan Henry FORZA


Nathans Before Diet:

- Breakfast: Full English breakfast with two fried eggs, three sausages, half a tin of baked beans, four rashers of bacon, fried mushrooms, buttered toast and a white coffee with two sugars

- Mid morning snack: Ham and crisp sandwich

- Lunch: Meat pie, chips and gravy

- Dinner: Lasagne, chips & salad, followed by a chocolate brownie, salted caramel and custard

- Drinks: prosecco and fruit ciders 


Nathans new FORZA inspired diet:

- Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs on 1 piece of brown bread with flaked salmon and spinach

- Mid morning Snack: Almonds and cashews

- Lunch: Turkey breast, sweet potato and salad.

- Afternoon Snack: Carrots and Hummus

- Dinner: *take two Shake It Slim weight loss capsules half an hour before eating to reduce calorie intake* Fillet steak with steamed kale, broccoli and carrots and two or three baby potatoes. 

- Drinks: 3 litres of water daily.