Forza Is Approved By Mummies

Forza is proud to announce they are now officially Loved By Mums! 


MummyPages was established in 2009 and has quickly become a popular hub with mums that love the down to earth style of the community that has been created. They have created a fantastic site to share recipes, life hacks, offer advice and feel welcome among the new parent pages. Reaching 616,000 fans on Facebook, the MummyPage is the biggest page in the UK for reaching those with kids. 

We as FORZA got in touch with MummyPages wondering if some of their mums would like to test the Shake It Slim meal replacement shakes to see how they were received. The mums were able to choose a flavour and sample it, giving feedback on taste, texture, simplicity and the most important, does it really work? 

Forza Shake It Slim is a convenient, great tasting meal replacement drink that is designed safe and effective weight loss. The product can be used by both male and female dieters to either reduce body weight (by replacing two meals per day) and to maintain body weight (by replacing one meal per day). Each shake contains an impressively low 204 calories, which is fantastic for calorie counting. As well as this, each shake contains 22 different vitamins and minerals including 7 antioxidants to help keep your body in the best condition for weight loss. 


In November 2017, mummies received their samples and the feedback was fantastic, with reviews such as:

"So my conclusion is that it worked really well on my work days so this could be something I could incorporate into my lifestyle."

"I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a busy lifestyle and is always on the go and needs something to fit in"

"I will definitely carry on with the these and try all flavours. Recommend this to anyone that doesn't have time to have set meals or follows a busy lifestyle."

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