Activated Charcoal - Uses and benefits | FORZA

What Is Activated Charcoal?

Activated Charcoal is sourced from common carbon which is heated in the presence of  different gases to produce a substance made through 'activation'. The heated carbon develops pores that increase the surface area of the nutrients from within. These pores are available to then capture any toxins or chemicals when used. Recently, Activated Charcoal used for medical purposes are being made by sources that contain high carbon content, such as coconut husks. 

It has been used medicinally since the 19th century, but more and more ways to use it are being discovered, some with fantastic benefits! Here are our top 10 uses for Activated Charcoal capsules.


1. Whiten Teeth

Be careful with this one, the powder stains EVERYTHING it comes into contact with fabric wise.. we wouldn't advise doing this on a nice white carpet. 

To make an activated charcoal paste, empty 2 capsules of activated charcoal into a small bowl or cup, wet your toothbrush and simply dip. Put straight into your mouth and brush away in small gentle circles for 2 minutes. While worrying you about whether all of the black substance will stain your entire face, the Activated Charcoal is doing the same as it does when digested; pulling all toxins from the teeth. When you spit it out, no you won't have any staining, your mouth will feel surprisingly clean and sparkly. If you repeat this 1-2 times a month, your pearlies will always be white.


2. Prevent Hangovers

While it doesn't absorb alcohol, the charcoal can quickly remove toxins that contribute to the poisoning. As alcohol is rarely consumed in its pure form, artificial sweeteners and sugars are mixed in to make them more appealing and to taste better. The charcoal will remove these kinds of toxins, allowing your body to focus on removing the alcohol from your system quicker, making that terrible hangover go a lot quicker! Lovely.


3. Digestive Health

Activated Charcoal and its absorption properties can also help to trap toxins in the digestive system, as well as restricting gas and bloating. If you have a high fibre diet, or annoy your partner with bed toots, you may want to try these! It can also reduce stomach cramps and help bloating.


4. Face Masks

To make a simple at home peel off mask to unclog pores you need 3 key ingredients! Activated Charcoal Capsules, Bentontite Clay, unflavoured gelatin & hot water. 

Empty the charcoal capsules and mix the other dry ingredients with it until well combined. Remember to put on an old t-shirt, it will stain if dropped onto clothes! Add a small amount of hot water slowly and stir until thick, once it is smooth and not too hot, use your finger to smooth on the desired facial zones (don't get it in your eyebrows!) and wait until completely cold and set. Then peel away and check how many pores followed! Extremely satisfying. 


5. Skin Care

Charcoal is becoming more and more popular within facial skin care, face washes, scrubs etc. This is because of its powerful toxin absorption properties. It can gently exfoliate the skin, help balance oily pores and can help to get rid of blemishes. Emptying a capsule into some warm water and rubbing on the face will give great benefits! Who says skin care has to cost a fortune?!


6. Hair Care

Activated Charcoal can help your hair as much as your skin. Again, it can help problems with overly greasy or oily roots, add volume to the hair as normal shampoo normally only removes surface dirt, whereas charcoal helps to remove all dirt, meaning your hair does not sag and flatten. 

It can also help get rid of scalp issues such as dandruff, dry itchy skin or oily skin. You can find shampoos with activated charcoal in them, just be careful if you have extra light hair as it may stain. But if you want to add a capsule of powder to your regular shampoo itll work just as well.


7. Detoxification

Use Activated Charcoal Capsules to absorb environmental factors that get ingested into the body, such as chemicals, pesticides in foods, potential mould in water etc. If you have the beginnings of an upset stomach, Activated Charcoal will be able to draw out any potential factors and can often alleviate the very first signs of food poisoning if caught quick enough. Handy!


8. First Aid

Activated Charcoal as we have discussed is fantastic at pulling out toxins and chemicals that can affect the body. This is why Activated Charcoal is great at helping relieve bee stings, mosquito bites and is often used to help spider and snake bites in hospitals. putting Activated Charcoal onto the bite and compressing it with a bandage or plaster will help the charcoal to balance out the toxins. But if you are bitten by a spider or snake, get yourself to the hospital, leave it to the professionals!  


9. For Pets

Don't keep all of the Activated Charcoal Capsules to yourself, share with your pets! Dogs often have charcoal biscuits to help digestion and bad breath but it is also useful if your pet gets bitten, if they eat something slightly poisonous and to remove any toxins from them too as it is perfectly natural. It can also help to relieve diarrhea. 


10. Make Air Filters 

Filter out toxins in the air within your home. Empty a capsule of Activated Charcoal into a small cloth or tissue and bring all of the corners together to form a pocket. Place in the fridge to absorb bad smells, place in shoe cupboards to do the same. A great addition to any family home or residential area.