Do you not feel human until you’ve had your third cup of coffee? Have you ever been sat at your desk in the afternoon and you can’t function on the most basic of tasks after lunchtime? Are you falling into bed extremely exhausted or having difficulty getting out of bed in the morning after your alarm goes off? Don’t feel bad if you can relate to all of these – we all suffer from drops in energy and motivation from time to time. We’re only human! However, if you’re looking for ways to naturally boost your energy levels and be at the top of your game no matter what you’re doing, then read our top tips!

Take a B12 supplement

Feeling run down and lethargic during the day? Taking a B12 supplement is crucial for energy and general wellness by supporting cellular energy levels. Stock up and stick them on your desk for when you’re feeling a bit run down. Grab yours here!

Think H2O

Did you know that dehydration is the most common cause of fatigue? A lot of the time, we feel exhausted because we have forgotten to keep ourselves hydrated. When we don’t drink enough water, our blood volume can suddenly drop, meaning your body must work a lot harder to function properly – which is what makes you feel so sluggish!

Dress strategically  

Have you ever noticed a spring in your step when you feel good wearing something? Take this and apply it to your everyday life! Before you go to bed, pick out something you know you’re going to feel your best in the following day. Little things like this can naturally uplift you, keeping you confident and motivated throughout the day, boosting your energy levels.

Move around

During a mid-afternoon slump, the last thing you probably want to do is a bunch of errands after work or go for a quick walk during a break from your desk. But if you’re stuck at a desk all day – or if you work somewhere where you’re stationary most of the time – getting some steps in works wonders for your health and well-being. Even if you find excuses to move around, like walking down the hallway to get a coffee – you’re still moving and boosting your energy!

Essential oils

Essential oils are magical aren’t they? They can de-stress you, help improve indigestion, clear acne and can boost energy! Why not try some peppermint and tangerine oil to energise you? Or some nutmeg oil to fight fatigue and help you focus? Alternatively, chew on some peppermint or spearmint gum for a similar jolt of energy.

Get some Vitamin D

Just getting outside for 15-20 minutes per day can awaken your body and give you energy! Why don’t you answer some calls and emails outside in the fresh air? Or you could go and take a quick walk to re-energise yourself? Something so simple as stepping out into the open air can help you be more productive when you return to work.    

Snack on an apple

An apple a day really does keep the doctor away! It helps with grogginess and fatigue that can sneak up on us during the day. Full of vitamin C, fiber and complex carbohydrates which stabilises blood sugar, an apple can apparently give you more energy than a coffee! Wow let’s stock up!