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How To Be More Of A Morning Person

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1. Pre Make Your Breakfast & Lunch The Night Before


Use overnight oat recipes for a great breakfast that you can grab and eat in the morning. These oats can be customized to your liking, using different fruits and flavours to make a new combination every morning. Use almond milk as a great alternative to milk if you prefer, add honey, peanut butter, yogurt, the choice is yours! 


Here is the base recipe for delicious overnight oats:

- 1/2 cup rolled oats

- 1/2 cup liquid of choice (milk,almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk)

- 1/2 cup yogurt (optional)

- 1 mashed banana (optional)

- Toppings of choice (raspberries, peanut butter, blueberries, muesli, seeds)



Add your choice of base ingredients to a jar or other container and give them a mix until all oats are coated. Refrigerate overnight or for at least 5 hours.

In the morning, add additional milk if slightly too thick. Once you achieve the desired consistency, add any toppings that you have on hand and get creative! Delicious.


The same goes for lunches. Prepare 5 lunches on Sunday for an easy pick up in the morning, leaving you more time to wake up. We recommend getting new reusable tubs, choosing yummy recipes that work hot or cold and again, get creative. Try Teriyaki chicken and rice, Mediterranean style cous cous with sultanas and sun-dried tomatoes, whatever your heart desires. 


Our recommended recipe is for chicken and pesto pasta with plenty of spinach and great to keep you full until lunch without being too expensive. You will need:

- 4 Chicken breasts

- 1 jar of basil pesto

- 1 x 500g bag of pasta of your choice 

- 1 bag of fresh spinach

- 2 red onions

- Parmesan Cheese (optional)



Cut chicken breasts into small bite-size cubes, and fry in a frying pan. Leave to cool to one side while cooking the rest. 

Boil the pasta in a saucepan for 8 minutes. Drain and add the chicken breast pieces, along with the fresh spinach which will cook from the residue heat. Add the thinly sliced red onions raw for a bit of bite, and finally add the jar of pesto and mix thoroughly. 

Separate into your 5 Tupperware boxes and store in the fridge. Take one with you every morning and wolah! Enjoy hot or cold wherever you are! 


Set Out Your Clothes The Night Before | FORZA

2. Lay Out Your Clothes The Night Before


Planning your outfit for the morning the night before will not only save you time faffing around in the morning but also make you feel less stressed first thing! You can pick your outfit in as much time as you like, co ordinate and style, then jump straight into it in the morning. A great hack for anyone that also works out in the morning, having work out clothes and clothes for the day ready will boost motivation as you are ready quicker without any hassle. No more will you go to put something on and discover its in the wash before panic choosing an outfit and running out of the door! 


Silk Pillowcases Can Help You Become More Of A Morning Person


3. Get A Silk Pillowcase


Trust me on this, this will be a lifesaver. Long gone are the days of washing your hair the night before and waking up with a fuzzy mess that doesn't understand that you have limited time in the mornings to tame it. Wash your hair the night before and style, then sleep on a silk pillowcase. You will find far less kinks, knots and tangles in the morning. Its also a real game changer for those prone to greasy hair, as it creates a cooling effect, causing the head to sweat less, leaving your blow dry looking fabulous for more than 5 minutes.

But its not just for the hair, it leaves your skin looking refreshed in the mornings, not the wrinkled, puffy mess that you are convinced is just inducing early wrinkles. The silk pillowcase will shortly be everyone's best friend. 


Put Your Alarm Away From You | FORZA


4. Put Your Alarm Somewhere You Have To Get Up To Turn It Off


The worst thing you can do in the morning is snooze and snooze and snooze until you have 15 minutes to get ready in a big old panic. Put your alarm clock on the other side of the room, or charge your phone somewhere other than next to the bed so you have to physically get up to turn alarms off in the mornings. The motion of getting up and out of bed will rarely end up with you back in it and asleep again shortly after, meaning you wake up on time and have lots of getting ready time without the stress. 


Change Your Curtains | FORZA


5. Change Your Curtains


If you have black out curtains, your mind is tricked into thinking its still dark outside, indicating the need for more sleep. If you get some thinner curtains, the natural light should help to wake you up quicker. This will definitely help more in the summer than winter, however it is a great tip to trick your body into thinking its ready for the morning. Especially if the alarm goes off and you do like a snooze, you should see the morning light and feel less of a need to go back to sleep.