How many times have you been abroad promising yourself you will stick to a holiday weight loss plan and won’t go crazy, only to completely ruin your diet once you arrive? It can be extremely hard to motivate yourself – especially with an all-inclusive holiday surrounded by family and friends – but if you are dedicated, you can come home with a gorgeous tan without the extra guilt. If you’re looking to keep on track whilst enjoying your time abroad, then this is just the inspiration you need!

Pack your own food before travelling

When you get to the airport late and need to grab a quick unhealthy snack, it can wreak havoc on your diet even before you’ve stepped off the plane. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Resist temptation and get organised by pre-packing healthy sandwiches with wholemeal bread, fruit and low-sugar cereal bars in your hand luggage to munch on – you’ll also save money on hefty airport prices!

Stock up on healthy snacks at your holiday destination

Once you’ve slept off the jet lag and unpacked, head down to the local supermarket and stock up on water and healthy foods to keep in your hotel room. When you get cravings for room service and midnight snacks, you will already have much healthier options to distract you from making those bad food choices, therefore making your holiday weight loss goals a lot easier to reach.

Plan your days for a holiday weight loss

We all know how tempting the all-you-can-eat buffet is in the evening, so instead of feeling guilty for overindulging, choose to eat a lighter lunch. Simple swaps can help you from cringing when you get back on the scales at home and increases your chances of a holiday weight loss.

Think smarter at breakfast

It’s so easy at the continental breakfast to pile everything on your plate, particularly when you have an eventful day coming up and you need the energy. Always prioritise protein, like boiled or scrambled eggs, over things like sausages and hash browns. Successful holiday weight loss can be done if you put your mind to it. You just need to believe you can!

Try local exotic fruits

Pick exotic foods that may not be available at home. It will feel like a special treat because it’s something so different but will still be extremely healthy. Who knows? You may find your next favourite fruit and come home with a fantastic holiday weight loss!  

Eat fresh

We’re so used to tucking into yummy roast dinners and comfort food during the Winter months, but Summer should be all about eating fresh, healthy produce. Oily fish such as tuna, mackerel, sardines and salmon are rich in omega-3, which is excellent for holiday weight loss so eat as much of it as you like when dining out without the guilt. The same also applies for vegetables which are packed with antioxidants. Red peppers, green courgettes, yellow sweetcorn – the brighter the better!

Avoid carbs after 6pm

It is so easy to eat late when out and about on holiday so try to have your carbs during the day and have dinner with lots of protein at night – e.g. grilled meats, fish, salads and vegetables. This can help to prevent extra weight gain and bloating overnight, making that holiday weight loss goal so much easier to achieve. 

Share a starter or pudding

It can be so tempting to scoff down a starter and a pudding, especially when we’re supposed to be out enjoying ourselves and working towards a holiday weight loss. However, if you have the willpower and want to keep that extra weight off, stick to only eating two courses. If you can’t refuse, think about sharing that starter or pudding with your partner, friends or family.  

Be cautious at the salad bar

The salad bar is thought of as the holy grail for slimmers when holidaying abroad. Pay extra attention to what dressings you are putting on everything – it may be quite calorific, which can halt your amazing progress. If you can, ask for dressing on the side when eating out or just stick to balsamic vinegar for a healthier option.

Get savvy with alcohol

Want to stay in control of your weight during cocktail hour? Try swapping cream-based cocktails for a cool Martini instead or stick to spirits with low-calorie mixers. If you can, always order a glass of water after having an alcoholic beverage to reduce calorie intake and to stay hydrated when out all evening.   

Swim to stay slim

Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do for your entire body. It is a terrific workout for your heart and muscles, whilst also being extremely kind to the joints. Think of it as a mini-resistance exercise that is working your arms, legs, glutes and abs all in one. Try and get in the hotel pool as much as you can – you won’t be sorry you did when you see how toned your body looks in that bikini!

Keep moving

Make sure you’re always moving around every hour to burn calories – even for just 10 minutes. Whether it’s walking around sightseeing, cycling through the local area or snorkelling, you can always fit in some exercise no matter what your holiday plans are.

 Don’t deprive yourself

When you deprive yourself of certain foods and drinks, it can sometimes work against us as we tend to overindulge on the things that we have been desperately craving. Don’t be harsh on yourself if you end up spoiling your diet with junk food – you’re only human! Just remember to get back on track the following day.


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