Have you ever wondered why you lose weight from different parts of your body faster than others? It is always something that people talk about, how they never seem to lose weight from the areas that they want to.

This is honestly one of the funniest articles that I have researched. There are so many great articles and research papers about what different parts of your body weigh and what causes you to lose weight or burn fat from different parts of your body.

Basically, we are made up of 50%-60% water, so the fastest way to lose weight, not the healthiest, is to dehydrate. You basically drink less water, take water retention tablets and urinate your liquid mass from your body and boom, you’re a dried-up prune with snake-scale skin and a really low tolerance for alcohol.

There are so many people who lose weight to get into a specific dress or suit, but they forget that after dehydration the alcohol they consume, on the night out they planned, will go to their head faster. Suddenly, halfway through the night, Janet is holding your hair back saying “ bring it up pet, it’ll do you good”, never forgetting, of course, that it was Janet who bought the shots and said “ get it down ya, I’ll do ya good”.

Talking of alcohol, along the way, I have discovered a few things. Your liver weighs 1.3kg and it is the biggest organ in your body, some men may beg to differ, but take it from me, your liver covers most of the front of your body, it is a scary thing.

How the liver aids weight loss

Your liver is your biggest organ and is a magnificent thing. It has the power to regenerate itself after injury or human self-harm, yet it remains a body part that we are not well educated about.

On the subject of men, a man’s testicles, which are described by google as ‘oval-shaped organs located in the scrotum, just behind the penis and right in front of the anus of male humans’ can weight on average 10-15g . I’m not sure how to grow them or shrink them to supplement gains or losses, but at least I know where they are located now. 

For women, we have a booby reference or two, you can read our articles “How much do your breasts weigh”, or “How to weigh breasts”, this really will get you thinking!

The average human head weighs 11lbs, many people seem to hold a lot more junk in their brains than others, but apparently the bullshit that comes out of some people’s mouths doesn’t add any weight to the head. However, your hair does, that can change things a lot, but you shouldn’t consider getting a hair cut just to look better on the scales at Slimming World, it’s easier to have a poo, which can save you a solid 1lb.

So, whilst we are on the subject of bodily functions, a full bladder is thought to weigh 1.2lbs in a full-grown adult. That is about 1ltr apparently. I haven’t tested this fact, but it is now on my bucket list.

A few questions answered

Having worked in the weight loss industry I get asked a lot, where does the fat go that I lose? Do I lose weight when I sleep? And, can I lose weight without exercise?

So, here is the lowdown.

Your fat cells don’t go anywhere, they just shrink. You can create new fat cells, like breading rats, but they only shrink when you lose weight, meaning they are always hanging around, waiting to pounce when you eat junk. 

The more you sleep, the less cortisol (stress hormone) that you will produce.
Your body produces cortisol to give it rapid energy (you don’t need this at night), fight or flight. This increases your appetite (not good), burns muscle (a terrible side effect) and causes you to store fat (really bad). So, be a petal and settle nice and early for your 8 hours, the extra sleep wont just make you beautiful, it really is a stress buster and allows your body to avoid storing fat and all the other nasties caused by excess cortisol . You can control your sleep and stress better with the use of 5-HTP.

How sleep affects weight loss

Sleeping less than 8 hours a day will increase your chances of gaining weight according to multiple studies conducted in the US, Japan and across Europe.

Finally, losing weight without exercise is possible, you just have to eat less, but seriously, what is the point of having a thin body that isn’t toned and a heart that isn’t as healthy as it can be when you lose weight? It is true that carrying any weight – muscle or fat – puts extra strain on your heart, but the benefit of extra muscle is that it helps you to be stronger and doesn’t clog up your arteries like fat.

The perfect solution

Your body has all the tools it needs to make you sleep well, eat right and learn, adapt and form healthy routines. However, sadly these days we don’t listen to our body’s like we should because we have modern stresses and it’s hard to tell if you are thirsty instead of hungry when you are focussed on posting on Instagram.

In all my years in this industry, it occurs to me that it is the stress that causes you the most harm. Stress is so damaging, It forces you to make bad food choices, drink too much alcohol, take extra medication to cure short-term ailments and when you are stressed you are less likely to exercise. So, if you want to lose weight, get in the right headspace first, so that you don’t derail yourself a week into your lifestyle change.

Finally, don’t smoke, all the above is irrelevant if you smoke, because smoking will just kill you regardless of whatever you do that’s good or bad to your body. Simply put, you can exercise and eat healthy everyday of your life, but a smoker will almost always die of a smoking related disease, the statistics don’t lie!

Don't smoke

Smoking Kills. That’s a cold hard fact, don’t ignore it.