Sometimes the pressure to be body positive when you don’t feel great about yourself is just as tough as the pressure to always look a certain way. Don't let negative self-talk get you down - use it to fuel your fire! Learn to love who you are, and to not be ashamed of how you or someone else sees you. It's natural to feel triggered by everything surrounding us on a daily basis. However, just like body positivity is a process, finding ways to cope on days when loving yourself is more difficult than usual is also an ongoing part of life. Here are seven little ways to be more body positive today! Soon you'll be looking into the mirror and loving everything about the person staring back at you. Don't worry - we believe in you! 

Be kind to yourself

You can find negativity everywhere you look. Do whatever you can to find your confidence, grasp it and hold onto it - no matter what it is. Read a blog, listen to a TED talk, buy something that makes you feel great – whatever it takes to get you feeling uplifted again. Get into a positive state of mind where you feel you can fully love yourself, flaws and all.

Throw out the scales

Are you constantly putting tons of pressure on yourself depending on the digits you see on the scales? Your weight tends to fluctuate day to day depending on weight loss, hormones and muscle gain. Instead of focusing on the number, think about how good you feel right now in the present and how your clothes fit and look on your frame. If you do choose to weigh yourself, try to do it once a month, or even once a week, instead of once a day.

Get rid of the fashion magazines

When you feel rubbish about your body, sometimes we tend to reach for a magazine to flick through. Don’t do it – you’ll be exposed to pages upon pages of unrealistic airbrushed models and marketing which is designed to make you feel bad about yourself, just so you’ll go and buy something to solve your beauty problems. We're not saying to never read a fashion magazine ever again if you want to, but sometimes it does more damage than good! 

Learn to love exercise

Do you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious at the gym surrounded by people? You don’t have to go if you feel like you're being judged by everyone! There are a whole lot of different ways to workout without leaving you feeling embarrassed or awkward. Why not try a fun exercise class with a friend? You might find something else you really enjoy!

Make peace with yourself

Struggling to love who you truly are right now? We've all been there! You won’t magically get happier the minute you lose weight. There is so much more to how you look – society’s unattainable beauty standards are extremely rigid and try to oppress us as much as possible. Ignore it all and keep being your fabulous self! Your brain, your heart, your passions, along with other things that make you unique have nothing to do with your clothes size or the way you look. Read and repeat.

Focus on other things

Living your life obsessing over things like the number on the scales and your appearance is so stressful and will never bring you happiness no matter what you tell yourself. When you constantly strive for perfection, you will fail yourself every single time. Embrace your individuality and imperfections - it makes you who you are and is more compelling.

Don’t feel guilty

If you want to tone your body more or to simply just feel better in your own skin even though people tell you that you are perfect and don't have to change – they're right but if you want to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, more power to you. If you’re happy and love who you are, it will be contagious.

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