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Out To Lunge - workout buddy

February 10, 2017 1 Comment

Out To Lunge - workout buddy

Out to lunch? Nope. Out to lunge! 👊 💪
Who's your workout buddy? 😜


A workout buddy can make all the difference to your body goals in many ways. Whether you want to get cut, bulk up, do more reps or run that extra mile there is nothing like real-time competition to spur you on.

The reason so many records get broken in sports is because of our human desire to beat the person next to or in front of us to a particular mile-stone.

Training on your own means that you are likely to slow down when the heat is on, so your body gets less of the benefits a strong training session would otherwise yield.

Finding the right training buddy is important too. You don’t want someone that you can easily beat; in fact you are better off being the inferior athlete and attempting to overtake your training buddy.

When you are lifting a training buddy can also be your safety side-kick. It is not difficult to appreciate the raft of dangers that go hand-in-hand with lifting weights; having a trustworthy spotter around who has your back is possibly the smartest move you’ll make in the gym.

Staying friends and maintaining your relationship is also important, remember this is not the Super Bowl or the World Cup Finals, you are just there to develop the best possible scenario from each other.

Having more than one training buddy is also worth considering. You can quickly benchmark yourself against the performance of a friend, by switching things up and working out with someone else can bring surprises, introduce you to new techniques and skills as well as friendships’.

Socialising is changing fast and whereas years ago some of us, that are old enough to remember, would find any excuse to meet up in the local bar for a few pints of beer or glasses of wine. Now socialising in the gym and being seen in fitness environments in the new fashion.

It goes without saying that being friends is the most important factor of a gym buddy, but this person could actually end up being a true contributor to your wellbeing for many years of your life.

Let us know about your gym buddy in the comments below and we may just send them a prize for being the best workout partner.

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February 10, 2017

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