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Drop It Like A Squat

February 10, 2017

Drop It Like A Squat

Struggling to get your asstothegrass? Keep going - your booty will thank you later 🍑👌 ForeverForza - Squat


We often think of doing squats in a similar way as we do about doing stomach exercises, basically it is hard, it hurts, the reward can often take take longer to develop than other muscle groups do and the next day walking can resemble the form of someone who has had an accident in their undies.

With all the above said, “squatting is in fashion”, this trend is here to stay and if you want a rounder, firmer backside that turns heads then you need to start right now!

Here are our top tips and reasons for turning your butt into a captivating piece of modern art:

By mastering your squat skills is like becoming a Zen master. Instagram babes are making millions because they squat like ninjas’ and make men go crazy for their posterior assets. Toning the muscles in your butt (glutes) is where it all starts. The increased amount of time spent squatting up and down burns calories and helps to remove the fat around your muscles replacing it with firmer muscle. The more you do this, the more you will get used to the pain and the gains will follow.

Understandable any new workout regime will be difficult to begin, but as you test your core through doing plenty of squats you will find that you start to recover quicker and quicker following exercise. Other benefits are also likely to begin to follow close behind (excuse the pun) once you get into the new routine. Your digestion is said to be assisted through the squatting motion, opening up your organs and improving core strength. The added exercise improves blood flow as your heart rate increases and oxygenates your blood.

The big plus side is that exercise and fat burning will start to impact and cellulite that you may have. This makes the overall tone and shape of your body look better in shape and appearance. Owing to that fact that you are not moving over any distances whilst you work out there will be no impact to your joints. Basically squats are an all over body workout without the damage.

Time and time again you’ll thank yourself once you are in a squat regime. You will walk like a catwalk model as your posture takes on a new statuesque look and feel,. You will feel stronger and have more core energy. People will start to compliment you when you rock up in your tight jeans and the opposite sex will fall at your feet believing that you are genetically gifted. The whole process will take about 5000 squats and the reward will be the huge grin across your face.

Now drop down and get your eagle on!



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