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February 10, 2017


Trouble deciding what to have for breakfast? Give our very berry weight loss smoothie a go 👉 🍓

I don't know about you but every morning, with one eye open, I reach for something sweet - perhaps a quick biscuit or a few spoons full of sugar in my coffee to chase away those early morning hunger pangs. Whilst being half asleep, I am completely oblivious that I have gone into autopilot mode and subconsciously made a HUGE mistake. This is where I start to pile on the pounds.  

Noticing that my cheeks were starting to look a little more bouncy than desired I opted to step out of autopilot mode and put my brain into gear in the morning. They do say, every little helps and making these minor changes can really make a huge impact.

A few things helped such as drinking plenty of water, getting sufficient sleep and perhaps locking away the biscuits. But I implemented one thing that really did change the way I started my day - Shake it Slim.

Not only was this perfect for knocking that sweet craving on the head but it is super nutritious and sooo quick to make up. To get that extra kick I sometimes add a handful of my favourite berries and pop them into the blender. I even went to the trouble of making up a very berry smoothie recipe for you! You really must give it a try! 


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