Once you see results it becomes an addiction! 

You've heard it many times before and it really is true - once you see results it becomes an addiction. For me, the biggest hurdle I faced when changing my lifestyle was the first hurdle and I'm sure it's the same for most people. 

I really struggled at first, but once I set myself a realistic goal, which by the way was as simple as a party I had coming up, it became so much easier. One I started getting into a routine having one shake in the morning, one at lunch and a nutritious meal after a gym session, it became part of my daily lifestyle and it was hard to give up. It got to the point where I was disappointed in myself if I had missed a shake or a workout. I found the weight dropping off.

I still absolutely love my Shake it Slim and now that my diet has finished, I continue to have 1 shake a day - purely out of habit and also the taste is to die for! This helps me to stay on track and maintain my healthy weight. They are so ideal for when I have a super busy day planned and I have no time breakfast. 

Have you tried Shake it Slim? If so let us know your thoughts below.