Bake It Slim This Pancake Day

Bake It Slim This Pancake Day!

Pancake day is fast approaching and you are worrying about keeping to your diet plan but fear not! We have the perfect healthy alternative.

Forza Bake It Slim pancake mix is your answer this pancake day! The high protein content of an impressive 15g with an additional 22 vitamins and minerals means that your body will have the nutrients it needs to lose carry on losing weight efficiently without ruining the diet.

There are two great flavours to choose from: Original for a traditional pancake, or satisfy your sweet tooth with Chocolate, meaning you have the option of either, or create a stack layering the two! Either way, one serving has an impressively low calorie count of just 250kcal. Both pancake mixes are also vegetarian friendly, so stop skipping breakfast and enjoy a healthy start to the day.

Simply use 2 scoops of powder with 100ml of cold water and mix until smooth. Leave to stand for 1-2 minutes and add one third of the pancake mix to the pan and repeat. It’s as easy as that.


Bake It Slim Healthy Pancake Day | FORZA

Our Favourite Bake It Slim Healthy Pancake Day Toppers


 - Top with melted dark chocolate and bananas for a bittersweet fix this pancake day. 
- Maple syrup is sweet, simple and refreshing. The sweet syrup will stop any cravings you had. 
- Cacao Nibs and Greek yogurt combine to give you a creamy chocolate satisfaction without the nasty sugars
- Bake some apple slices and berries to create a warming hot fruit topper
- Add peanut butter and some strawberries for a peanut butter and jelly alternative
- Add sugar free fruit flavoured syrups for a tasty low sugar alternative
Add fruit to the mixture before cooking to have fresh fruit running throughout


Bake It Slim this pancake day With FORZA!