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Phil Parker

March 30, 2017

Phil Parker

Age: 32

From: Devon 

About me:

I’m an IT consultant by day, and a fitness enthusiast and competitor in the evenings and weekends. I started focusing on fitness when injuries dictated I stopped his main sport; football. 

I’m an MP PRO who won the Miami Pro European champs in 2016, and I’ve also competed in pure elite, WBFF, UFM and the core sport classic, coming 4th, 4th, 2nd and 2nd respectively. 

My goals for 2017 are to get my WBFF pro card and then compete at the worlds.

Instagram social handle: Philipwparker

Health & fitness background/expertise/training/qualifications:

Pro fitness model. Competed in many bodybuilding shows as a fitness model, winning 1, top 5 in all the others.

Overall health & fitness goal: To become WBFF Pro and compete in my first PRO show.  I want to inspire more people & make make fitness easy and accessible for all, not just those who are already super fit.

Forza Ambassador Phil Parker With Whey Protein drink

Essential supplements

Vitamins, bcaas, fish oil, vitamin C, protein powder

If you could recommend doing one thing per day to keep you healthy & happy, what would it be?

Give yourself a goal for each week. So each week you achieved something. 

What keeps you motivated?  

I'm far from perfect, if I don't have a fitness goal I tend to not stay on top of diet/training.  For me the goals are body building shows, so I already have my shows mapped out for 2017.  But it could be a holiday, event or anything else.

Top training tip?

Form over weight, i.e start by doing your reps properly, using the target muscle rather than moving weight for the sake of moving weight.  Second after that is mobiliity, i.e. becomoing stretchy.  I got to a point where I couldn't do any kind of chest work out without my front delts (shoulders) being hit more than my chest, this was because my chest was super tight.  I don't have time to do 'mobillity sessions', so I ensure that I spend a good 5/10 mins before my sessions stretching out my target muscles, if in doubt on how to stretch them ask a PT in your gym.

Favourite all time recipe?

This is my breakfast every day, as I'm not a morning person and tend to want to get out of the door 15 mins after I wake up:

Oats (100g)

Egg whites (8)

Blueberries (100g)

Almond milk (to taste)

Almond butter (40g)

Spinach (handful)

All blended into a smoothie, amounts will depend on what your goal is, right now I am bulking hence the high carbs and fats

Who inspires you?

Those in the WBFF pro ranks, Wole, Shaun Stafford etc. I try to follow positive people on social media to keep me positive, I tend to unfollow those who are negative through moaning or putting down others (pet hate).

Who do you train with?

I tend to train by myself as my work hours are all over the shop, however if I could I would almost certainly always train with a partner as it helps with motivation.  I always advise people who are starting out (especially women as the gym can be an intimidating place) to try to get in at least one class a week, what ever the class may be, the first few will be hard, but it only gets easier and will keep you going back to the gym.

What song/music/band most motivates you?

I tend to listen to upbeat happy music during my work outs

What are you most proud of?

Fitness wise it would be winning Miami Pro as my very first competition. 

What’s your favourite way to chill out?

I love exploring new places/thing to do.  Although I've lived in London or a while now I've never done a sightseeing tour, so last week I did the Duck tour and learnt loads about the city I live in!

Your favourite gadget?

The one thing I couldn't live without is my wireless headphones, I use them all the time.  This means I can carry a small bag round with my in the gym with my phone in and play music from there without having to worry about wires all the time.

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