Name: Montana Sophia 

Age: 23

From: born in America, brought up in Surrey, now live in London and I'm Swedish and Hungarian 

Instagram: @Montana.Sophia 

Facebook: @MontanaSophia 

Twitter: @MontanaSophia 

About me:

I’m a London based model/singer/artist and a Miss England & Miss Cannes 2016 Finalist.

Health and fitness background:

I go to the gym 4-5 times per week and love horse riding, swimming, cycling and just started doing yoga which is much harder than it looks! 

Overall health & fitness goals

Simply to keep healthy and fit! I eat a very healthy, balanced diet and like to be active! It makes me feel good. 

Female fitness forza ambassador

Essential Supplements

At the moment I take vitamin B12 as I'm a vegetarian, Vitamin C, CLA, Acetyl L-Carnitine before a workout, Vitamin K2 and L-Lysine, Selenium with A,C & E, calcium with vitamin D3 and Iron! I also use hemp protein powder and add chia seeds to a lot of my home cooked meals. 

If you could recommend doing one thing per day to keep you healthy &happy, what would it be?

Is BE POSITIVE and count your blessings and thank your body for being so healthy and respect your body by putting good, nutritious food into it but don't feel guilty for the odd treat here and there - have a mindset and goal of being healthy rather than lack of food or being too restrictive as this can have a negative impact on your health and mind and body too as long as I'm healthy 90% of the time the odd treat doesn't matter and is actually a good mindset! 

What keeps you motivated?

Visualising my dream body in my head and thinking how good it feels when I'm healthy and at my ideal body weight for my body. 

Top Training tip?

Do things you really enjoy so you look forward to the gym and it gets exciting and switch it up a lot like now I have just started yoga and I find it very fun and interesting! 

Favourite Recipe:

My favourite go to and probably easiest recipe too is smashed avocado on protein infused rye bread sprinkled with peri peri salt - I never get bored of it it's delicious and I have this any time of the day - for breakfast, lunch or dinner! 

Who inspires you?

A lot of motivational instagram accounts really inspire me to carry on leading such an amazing healthy life - you can get so much inspiration and really get a clear idea on your goals! Also I just LOVE to travel as it gives me such a fresh mindset and gets me extra focused on my goals! I also achieve this feeling by getting a change of scenery and taking a break from things for a while. I love to also have a cheat day and eat what I like as it gets me even more motivated and driven afterwards to fuel my week. 

Who do you train with?

I mainly train on my own or if I have a friend that wants to hit up the gym at the same time as me we go together! I really love switching it up and working out with someone else as you're always learning new tricks and teaching each other! 

What song/music/band most motivates you?

All types! I wouldn't be able to pick just one! I love house music when it has deep and interesting lyrics and I also love soul, R&B, dance music and you can't forget the old tunes! I love an old school tune - there was really good music a few years ago so I still love to listen to it now! 

What are you most proud of?

What I am most proud of is probably my paintings and art and that I am such a good place in my life right now! 

What’s your favourite way to chill out?

My favourite way to chill is actually to clean up as it keeps my mind clear and I feel better afterwards when everything is clean and I light a few candles and maybe watch a nice film! I also love to see my friends and I'm a foodie so having nice food in restaurants. 

My favourite gadget?

My new Berkey water filter I bought. I'm so excited about it - it's very pure filtered water so filters out all of the heavy metals and fluoride from tap water - it was the best purchase I made!