Name: Emma Lowes

Age: 25

From: Northumberland UK

Instagram: @emmadietmum

About me:

I am a mum of four (two boys aged 7 & 4, two girls aged 3 & 8 months). I'm a stay at home mum and a carer for my son who has additional needs.

Overall goal:

My overall goal is to lose my baby weight, to be fit and healthy to run around with my children and not be out of breath. I want to feel confident and happy with myself.

Fitness 2017

If you could recommend doing one thing per day to keep you healthy & happy, what would it be:

For me definitely positive thinking - starting the day with a positive mind set even on days that might seem like they are going to turn out bad. I ALWAYS drink water to keep my skin and hair in great condition but most of all it keeps me hydrated which means I don't feel as hungry either.

What keeps you motivated?

My children definitely keep me motivated, I want to watch them grow and be as healthy for as long as possible.

Top Training Tip?

Push yourself more and more each time you work out to achieve new goals

Favourite Recipe?

Chilli pepper chicken (cut up chicken breast fried with chilli peppers and onions). I always serve with crispy kale on the side.

Who inspires you?

I have a lot of followers on my Instagram who inspire me every day. This type of support is great for developing my confidence and spurring me on.

Who do you train with?

I train either in the house, or I go to the gym with my partner who has been weight lifting for over 10 years. So helps me out doing things right.

What song/music/band most motivates you?

I always do a shuffle play list of old dance music and recent chart music.

What are you most proud of?

I used to be 21 stone so I'm proud that I lost all that weight on my own. I lost the baby weight after having my 4th child and I am nearly back at the weight I was before I fell pregnant so I am really proud to achieve this.

Your favourite gadget?

Definitely my Fitbit surge! It really helps keep me motivated.