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Amy Middleton, 34, from Brighton, is a part-time business management consultant. She took Raspberry Ketone tablets to help her lose 3st. Before I had my babies I’d always taken pride in my slim figure, and made sure I stayed in shape. Luck played a part. I seemed to be naturally slim, and found it easy to maintain. Even after my first child, Archie, was born I managed to snap back into shape quite quickly. But with my daughter,Hattie, everything changed. Maybe it was because I had two children close together, but suddenly my body was refusing to recover. I kept waiting fora bounce-back that never happened. Dealing with a sticky-out-stomach and love handles for the first time in my life was tough. Unable to wear my favourite figure-flaunting size 10 clothes and living in size 14 floaty cover ups I stopped feeling myself. My confidence started to dwindle, and although I was going to the gym and tried things like the 5:2 diet, nothing seemed to work. I tried to eat healthily, but I’ve always eaten a lot and love the odd treat like chocolate or crisps - in the past it just hadn’t been a problem. Stuck at 13st, I was intrigued when I heard about Raspberry Ketone diet pills. Taking the tablets helped curb my appetite. It also boosted my energy and metabolism with a caffeine hit. Having that extra energy meant even if I was having a busy day with the kids I managed to squeeze in a workout when my husband came home. The tabletshelped me improve the way l ate too, as it was easier to cut my portion sizes and sugar intake. ‘A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY’ l’m now 3st lighter, lost four inches off my waist and am back to a size 8-10. My mummy tummy and love handles are long gone, and l even managed to feel great in a bikini on our family holiday to Egypt at Christmas. Before, l’d never have felt comfortable baring my flesh on the beach. I’d even worry about people asking when the baby was due! It just goes to show that a little weight loss can go a long way, especially when it comes to confidence. I still take the tablets once or twice a week to keep me ticking over, but I know there’s no way I’ll be ditching my bodycon clothes for floaty frocks again!
COULD IT WORK FOR YOU TOO? What Amy used: Raspberry Ketone What are they? Diet tablets with caffeine, raspberry ketones and resveratrol. How do they work? The raspberry ketone enzyme may help to reduce appetite and aid the breakdown of fat molecules. The caffeine boosts energy levels so more calories can be burnt throughout the day. Our expert says: ‘You’ll still need to be aware of what you eat,’ says Jo. ‘Eating whatever you like, and then trying to compensate with a pill won’t work.' Sold in the UK by FORZA Supplements, the tablets can be bought on Amazon.
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