After securing deals with the likes of Costco, Ocado and a number of health shop chains, FORZA’s stunning Healthy living range is now set to expand even further.

When asked about the future of the range, FORZA Managing Director Lee Smith said: “The last thing that we can do is to rest on our laurels. We have had a huge amount of success in 2013 but the only thing on our mind is to keep pushing the boundaries with our products and to gain an even bigger chunk of the UK supplement industry.

“We have been following industry trends very closely and feel that now is the right time to capitalise on the popularity and success of a number of natural ingredients. We have been presented with all of the relevant research and we are very confident that these new products will be an instant hit with consumers.”

Customers can expect to see three new FORZA products introduced over the coming months, all of which utilise exciting natural flavours. The range will expand to include a highly effective carbohydrate blocker, an essential muscle recovery formula and a top secret supplement that has been proven to improve mental focus, outlook, concentration and memory. The product range currently includes a selection of natural fat-burners, a potent mood enhancer, three refreshing detox products and a luxurious hair, skin and nails formula. All of the new products will be announced shortly right here on the FORZA blog.