When someone tells you he/she is a vegan, the first thing you think about is what do vegans eat.

Often when customers call up the FORZA customer serverices helpline for information a common question is What do Vegans Eat?

We all know that greens are healthy and more and more consumers are looking for "Greens with Benefits".

The trend of turning away from meat eating is growing in the UK & US.

Vegans abstain from consuming any food or using any product that was produced in any way that may have exploited animals.

A vegan won't have clothing, household or cosmetics items that have anything to do with animals.

Therefore, Veganism is not a diet – it’s a lifestyle. Their diet excludes meat, poultry, dairy, fish, eggs, honey and gelatin. So what do vegans eat?

A vegan diet includes all grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans and an infinitive number of foods made by combining them. Almost every “regular meal” has its vegan version and they have many delicious recipes.

So you have vegan ice cream, vegan hot dog, vegan mayonnaise, and of course, veggie burgers. They eat spaghetti, salad, salsa and chips just like we all do.

Many vegetarian foods can also be turned into vegan just by excluding certain ingredients, so the vegetarian burrito without cheese is something vegans will eat.

What can you eat if you are vegan?

For breakfast, they can eat oatmeal, cold cereal with nondairy milk, pancakes, tofu scramble, bagel with vegan cheese and fruit smoothie.

Lunch and dinner choices include veggie hot dog and burgers with fries, jelly and peanut butter sandwich, veggie pizza, pasta, tofu lasagne, bean burrito, tofu sandwich, faux meat with gravy and mashed potatoes and many others.

Desserts are delicious as well and include vegan cake, cookies or pie, chips and salsa, nuts and seeds, dried or fresh fruit, nondairy pudding, yogurt or ice-cream and popcorn.

Are you thinking of giving up meat? If so we'd love to hear about your plans for your new diet. Give us a call on 0845 519 6010 to find out what supplements you can take on a vegan diet.

Introjuicing Greens with Benefits