It seems like we know everything about weight loss, but yet, many fail to lose unwanted pounds. They all say: eat healthy, start exercising and basically burn more calories than you take and you’ll lose weight. But is this true? The short answer would be, YES.

So why there are still so many people struggling to lose weight?

Well, knowing how to lose weight is not a guarantee to weight loss – meaning you still have to implement everything mentioned, and that can be a tricky part. The reality is that it is our daily habits, motivation and self-control that keep us from reaching our goal. With all the temptation surrounding us and many daily obstacles, only a few manage to stick to their plan and actually make a difference on the scale.

We can certainly find a million reasons why people are failing to lose weight, but that won’t change anything. Instead, we will concentrate on finding some useful and not so common things that can contribute to weight loss. So let’s start.

1. Motivational Notes

Believe it or not, motivation is the number one factor that will determine your success at anything. Just to explain to you its importance, I have to say the following – without proper motivation you will fail every time. Period.

Therefore, it is essential to do everything you can to boost your motivation, and sticky notes that will constantly remind you of your goals and why you are doing this in the first place, will definitely help you stay on track. So start writing inspirational notes and the reasons you need to lose weight and place them on your desk, computer, TV, bathroom, refrigerator and all other places where you’ll see it a few times a day.

Note to self to lose weight, post-it note

2. Flattering Workout Clothes

You want to feel good and confident in your own skin while working out. The best way to do so is to look amazing. This will boost your confidence and even your motivation. And if the clothes you wear during your training make you feel good about yourself, chances are you will more likely continue your regular workout routine.

3. Weight Loss is Not Enough

For most people, losing weight just to look good is not strong enough motivation, and they eventually quit and return to old habits. And if you take into consideration that your scale can lie as it can’t count your body composition, it’s no wonder why so many people quit as soon as they don’t see the results. However, people who have to lose weight to prevent an illness or just stay healthy are more likely to succeed. And although we often neglect our health, the reality is that we are terrified of being sick and would do anything to prevent it. Therefore, put your health as the first reason you need to lose weight and increase your chances of success.

4. Reward Yourself

When we were young, our parents gave us rewards if we had good grades, achieved something special or just behaved politely. So we had an external motivation to do the right things as we knew we will be awarded for our effort. And although today we “aged a little”, the same principle applies to our psychology. If we know we will get a reward, we will make an extra effort. So the next time you lose 5 or 10lbs, treat yourself with something nice, like a relaxing vacation or a nice purse.

5. Music

Never, ever underestimate the power of music and its influence on our behaviour. It can instantly motivate us and make us “do the work”. So before going on a run or exercising, create your workout playlist. Chances are you will work harder and burn more calories, leading to weight loss. Also, you are more likely not to quit on your workout routine, as you will look forward to listening to your favourite songs.

6. Water

It is often said that we are what we eat, but what about water? We all know that we can’t live without it, so why people are not saying that we are what we drink? Regardless of the reason, the reality is that water should always be our number one priority, and staying hydrated will help you promote your overall health.

On the other hand, water also promotes weight loss, so people drink it regularly, right? Well, not exactly.

Although it’s free and available everywhere, we still forget to drink an adequate amount of water. Solution? Make your daily water intake a fun activity and a delicious beverage. Why not freezing your organic fruits like lemons, oranges, raspberries and strawberries and adding them in your water bottles? It will give it a flavour and keep it cold at the same time.

7. Meal Replacement

Everything we eat contains a specific number of calories. And while most of us don’t pay attention to it at all, we are simply not going to lose weight if we are consuming more calories than we burn. And that is a fact. Therefore, we should try to cut the calories to a minimum, and a proper meal replacement such as Shake it Slim will do the trick. For only 204 calories, it will replace an entire meal and give our bodies all the nutrients needed to function properly. We can use it instead of dinner or even breakfast – depending on your weight loss goals.

So there you have it – some not so common weight loss tips that will definitely help you lose weight. And although this blog gave you a powerful tool (knowledge), you still need to do the work.