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Weight Loss Tip - Work Out With Your Friends

July 29, 2013

Weight loss has never been easier with our top tips for getting in shape. Working out on your own is fine, but research has shown having a workout partner can help you achieve your goals even faster.

Cyclists at the gym workingout

A recent study has found that 64% of us will push ourselves harder in the gym if we are working out with a partner. The study also showed that solo gym sessions last an average of 36 minutes, compared with an average of 42 minutes when accompanied by a friend. Also, the average calories burned is 195 for those who work out alone, compared with 236 for more sociable gym-goers. There are many factors that help to explain this increase in success when working out with friends.

Not only does the fun factor make the time go faster, but you will find that you are much more competitive when with friends and will also be less likely to cancel sessions. For additional energy when training, you should consider adding Atom Labs Phentra50 to your gym bag. Not only does this advanced slimming supplement increase the number of calories that you are able to burn through exercise, it will also give you the edge over your friends when things get competitive!

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