Weight loss has never been easier with our top tips for getting in shape. Not only does too much salt increase your risk of heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure, but it also causes the body to retain water which will almost certainly jeopardise your weight loss efforts.

Middle Eastern herbs for ramadan

Cutting back on salt intake can be hard since it gives food such a tasty flavour. However, one of the reasons that many people think low salt food is bland is because they have not used other methods to maximise the taste. Dried herbs and spices are a great way to add a kick of flavour to your meals. They are salt-free, extremely low in calories, virtually fat-free and contain lots of key vitamins and nutrients. If you’ve already replaced your salt shaker for a collection of herbs and spices, why not try making weight loss even easier by introducing Capsicum Chilli 2:2:1 into your diet. The natural fat burner is based around a spicy chilli pepper extract that is proven to have a thermogenic effect on the body.