When it comes to weight loss supplements, it seems we are all expecting a miracle, and many of us just get disappointed and fail to lose weight. And of course, they put the blame on weight loss pills. But whose fault is it?

Let’s get back to the basics – in order to lose weight you have to burn more calories that you intake. However, not all calories are created equal, and it would be best to eat fat burning foods rich in fibre and protein. Fibres make you full and suppress your appetite while containing low amounts of calories, and proteins request more activity from our body to digest them, and therefore lead to burning more calories. But then again, our body still needs healthy fats to function properly, so it is safe to say that we should eat a diverse, yet well-balanced diet, focusing on foods that promote weight loss.

But it doesn’t end there and we are still missing a powerful “ingredient” for weight loss – we need physical activity. Remember the part when we said that we need to burn more calories than we eat? Well, the only way to do that is to start some kind of physical activity, ideally some type of cardio. Whether it is running, cycling, swimming, playing sports, going to the gym or simply walking your dog, in order to lose weight you should stop sitting on the coach and get yourself moving.

And only when you have these two things sorted out you should consider getting much needed help.

How Weight Loss Supplements Work

If you are still wondering whether or not weight loss supplements can help you lose weight, the answer is – it depends. When we start discussing weight loss pills, it always comes down to its ingredients. There are some ingredients that help us lose weight, while others – well don’t have any effect. So in order to make the right decision you need to invest some time in reading and gain the proper knowledge. And although this blog post is not enough, it can serve as a basis.

The best ingredients that promote weight loss are: glucomannan, raspberry ketone, green coffee, caffeine, green tea, kola nutilda, guarana and sea kelp. To learn more about them and their effect, read our previous blog.

Woman excersing with 2 small dumbbells

Different Types of Weight Loss Supplements

When we start thinking about investing our money, the only problem is that we have no idea where to start. With so many products promoting this and that, promising amazing results and guaranteeing over-night weight loss success, it’s no wonder you get confused.

But if you are a complete beginner, you should focus on two things – fat burners and meal replacements. The right fat burner contains ingredients that will help you lose weight, while meal replacement like Shake it Slim will help you reduce the total amount of calories, and therefore help you lose weight.

The Verdict

Should you or shouldn’t you use weight loss supplements depends entirely on you. People who are lazy, eat junk food and are looking for a miracle, should just save their money as nothing can help them. Weight loss pills can’t help anyone on their own, and only you are to blame for your success or failure.

Nothing can replace a healthy, well-balanced diet and a proper physical activity, and these 2 things you need to sort out before even thinking about weight loss supplements. If you are serious, committed, and stick to everything written here, I have no doubt that you’ll lose weight.

The main problem with people is that they don’t put enough effort and just find other things to blame, instead of looking in the mirror. With the right motivation, nutrition and supplements, there is no chance of failure. So the next time you step on the scale, remember that it all depends on you.

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