While most overweight men will agree that weight loss is an uphill struggle, few realise the advantageous position they are in when compared to the opposite sex. When it comes to shedding some of those extra pounds, men have several advantages over women that should give them the additional motivation needed to succeed. Due to higher levels of oestrogen, women are genetically pre-disposed to retain and store more body fat, making it a much harder job of trying to shift it. Women also have less muscle than men, which means that they have a lower resting metabolic rate and as a result burn fewer calories throughout the day than their male counterparts. On top of this, men tend to be more physically active than women and their bodies also respond quicker to exercise, meaning that they start to see the results of their workouts much sooner. With all of this in mind, we have provided a few helpful hints and tips to help men quickly and easily achieve their weight loss goals and score an important victory in the battle of the sexes.  

Starting From Now… In order to stay focused on reaching your target weight destination, it is important to establish a starting point from which to begin your journey. By recording your weight, measuring your waist and evaluating your current fitness levels, it is easy to keep track of your progress and set lots of mini targets along the way.  

The Beauty of Building Muscle

While aerobic exercise is important in improving physical fitness and stamina, introducing resistance training into your workout will help you reach your target weight in double-quick time. While an increase in muscle mass may lead to an initial gain in weight, it will soon send your resting metabolic rate into overdrive and the body will start to burn stored fat at a much faster rate.  

Tactical Thinking

By creating a schedule at the beginning of the week and intelligently planning ahead, it is surprisingly easy to overcome a lack of will-power and take temptation out of the equation altogether. This can come in the form of never going shopping on an empty stomach to avoid adding unhealthy items to the trolley, or putting yourself forward as the designated driver so that you are limited to how much alcohol you can drink on a night out with friends.  

Inspiration Not Deprivation

When it comes to eating healthy, it is much more effective to try and improve your long-term eating habits than embark on a drastic short-term diet regime. Eating sensible and well-balanced meals ensures that the body is not deprived of important nutrients, and you should never trust a word that begins with ‘die’. As well as moving you one step closer to your weight loss goals, you will discover that regular consumption of fresh and natural food can inspire your overall health and wellbeing.  

Take a Day Off

If your new lifestyle starts to feel like an intense military regime, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to sustain it over any real length of time. If you do not allow yourself to have the occasional chocolate bar, high-calorie meal or night on the town, you will lose motivation and soon find yourself back at the drawing board. Plan to have one day every week set aside for you to indulge in whatever food you want. It is a great way to unwind and let off some steam, while a sudden boost in calories can actually be beneficial for the metabolism.  

Supplement Support

The growing controversy surrounding slimming and diet pills has not been able to prevent a constant flow of customers to the weight loss supplement industry. While a cheap ‘miracle drug’ is still not available, there are many high-quality products that can give you the extra little push that you need to keep on track as you approach the finish line. While not designed specifically for men, we recommend supplementing with FORZA T5 Super Strength, a diet pill which provides a discreet way of maximising the results of your diet and giving you a renewed sense of confidence in your lifestyle change.