I’d been tempted several times during the week to get on the scales and see how I was doing but managed to resist. Day 7 I’m celebrating 2.5 lbs off and feeling really happy!   As I drove to work this morning I started thinking about how much better I could have done if I hadn’t had those two meals out this week. Why am I never happy? 2.5lbs is great I should be proud of myself Thinking back to my original plan, I did manage to stick to most things. I drank loads of water, ate breakfast every day, didn’t skip meals, I stocked up on fruit and stayed away from the vending machine at work.

It’s not been plain-sailing all the way… I had a couple of meals out with friends where I could have gone for a healthy menu choice but that went out the window when I sat down to order. A couple of glasses of wine and I found myself following up that Steak with a bread & butter pudding. Ooops, that was never supposed to happen!  

I’ve also noticed that I’ve been more energetic and motivated. I tackled sorting out my wardrobe which was a job I’d been putting off for months. I bagged up a load of clothes and shoes I never wear and finally carted them off to the charity shop.

I’ve also had more energy to prepare decent meals in the evenings.  Instead of coming home from work ravenous and grabbing the nearest bag of crisps, I’ve been peeling fresh vegetables and cooked brown rice a couple of times which was much tastier than I remembered. Generally, I’ve felt more in control. I don’t know whether it’s a psychological benefit of planning meals and knowing I’m on track to lose the weight.  Maybe it’s because I’ve had more energy to do things I’ve been putting off, but either way I’ve felt an unexpected boost from taking Raspberry K2 in more ways than just the result on the scales this morning. Roll-on week two!