Vitamin K2 is arguably the most interesting vitamin of this decade. Its function is unique and its beneficial effects on bone and heart health have been clearly documented. Described as ‘the most fascinating of all vitamins’ by nutrition experts, vitamin K2 has been shown to possess greater benefits for the improvement of bone health than calcium. Although the belief that calcium builds strong bones and teeth has been absolutely ingrained in our society, the fact is that calcium supplementation has many hidden dangers.

K2 supplements from forza

Recent studies have shown that, when taken orally, calcium is not utilised correctly by the body. This means that rather than being deposited in the bones where it is useful, it ends up being deposited in the arteries where it hardens and increases the risk of a heart attack. Vitamin K2 is able to send calcium to where it is needed, i.e. the bones, and prevents this harmful build-up in the arteries. When it comes to bone and heart health in the UK, there are two facts that are worrying in light of this new research:  

1. There is a general vitamin K2 deficiency in the whole UK population.

2. Upon reaching the age of 30, women start to simultaneously lose calcium from their bones and develop a calcium build-up in their arteries - a negative ‘double whammy’.  

Despite this, current market data shows that only 2% of new vitamin and dietary supplements launched in 2012 contain vitamin K2. Perhaps the most notable of these is FORZA Raspberry K2, which combines vitamin K2 with the fat-burning benefits of raspberry extract.

The high level of bone support offered by the vitamin makes FORZA Raspberry K2 the perfect weight loss aid for women over, or approaching, the age of 30. FORZA Managing Director Lee Smith said: “Hopefully consumer awareness of this versatile vitamin will continue to grow. “With more and more studies highlighting its ability to decrease age-related bone loss, improve overall bone strength and keep calcium away from the arteries, we only hope that people start to realise its true potential.”