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Maltesers Give Brits A Sweet Tooth – Voted MOST Popular Sweet Treat Beating Minstrels and Cadbury’s Wispa

June 01, 2015

  • Brits decide that Maltesers are the nation's favourite sweet treat
  • Over 8,000 people up and down the country were surveyed to choose their favourite sweets
  • The top 30 sweets were a vibrant mix of the new and old

Did you know that June is the National Sweets Month? This means a national poll has been put together in order to finally pin down some of the nation’s favourite sweetest treats.

Even though it’s National Sweets Month, chocolate has appeared on the list of edible delights, but who is to judge or complain, it’s chocolate! With an amazing array of chocolates and sweets to choose from, we will be taking a look at the nation's top 30 favourite treats. Minstrels, which are renowned for being the staple cinema treat came in at second place, with the yummy and bubbly Wispa bar following shortly after in third place respectively.

Somewhat surprisingly, Organic Green & Black's milk chocolate crept in at fourth place. So who took the number one spot this year? Maltesers of course! The deliciously chocolatey honeycomb balls have been pushed up to the number one top spot and voted the nation's most popular and favourite chocolatey treat! Maltesers have always been a popular confectionery product which is manufactured by the company Mars, Incorporated. Maltesers come in a wide variety of fun and convenient packaging, which include plastic bags (which range from small 'fun-size' to share bags), larger cardboard boxes, plastic buckets and tubes. Maltesers were first created back in 1936 by Forrest Mars, Sr. and were later sold in 1937. They were initially marked and described as ‘energy balls’ and were primarily aimed at women looking to lose weight. Advertisements throughout the 1930’s claimed that the Maltesers centre which is made from honeycomb is seven times less fattening than regular chocolate centres, which led marketers to claim they were beneficial for weight loss.

Loads of candy

Brits have voted for their favourite sweet treats Popular phone app, Just A Score was responsible for carrying out the survey via app, polled 8,000 British mobile users both up and down the country in order to rate the nation’s sweet tooth favourites for National Sweets Month. Interestingly, the survey produced some very unexpected results with Green & Blacks ranking much higher than the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk bar.

And the nutty Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter appeared far more popular than the original Kit Kat, which sadly didn’t even make it into the top 30. Let’s not forget to mention the throwback Nestle Caramac even managed to jump into the top 30! With over 8,000 national votes in and counted, the original Cadbury Dairy Milk, which used to title itself as the 'nation's favourite,' barely managed to sneak into the top ten at the number eight spot. The chocolate Cadbury Dairy Milk bar has been around since the early 1905’s which also fell short of its Cadbury companion, the delicious Mini Eggs which popped into the list at number seven. In another interesting surprise, Maom strips took hold of fifth place while the retro old school treats such as Curly Wurlys, Pear Drops and Cola Bottles made their place in the top 30.

The nation’s favourite sweet treats:

1. Maltesers

2. Minstrels

3. Wispa

4. Green & Black’s organic milk chocolate bar

5. Maoam Strips

6. Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter

7. Cadbury Mini Eggs

8. Cadbury Dairy Milk

9. Haribo Tangfastics

10. Cadbury Double Decker

11. Curly Wurly

12. Milky Way Magic Stars

13. Cadbury Fruit & Nut

14. Snickers

15. Galaxy Caramel

16. Nestle Caramac

17. Wham Bar

18. Boost

19. Cadbury’s Easter Creme Eggs

20. Chewits

21. Pink ‘n’ Whites

22. Cola Bottles

23. Haribo Starmix

24. Barrett Refreshers

25. Malteser Bunnies

26. Galaxy Ripple

27. Pear Drops

28. Lindt Lindor milk chocolate

29. Haribo Super Mix

30. Bounty Bar

Let us know your favourite sweet treat in the comment box below!

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