Tummy Toners

For many people their troublesome area is their stomach, but it can be simple to attain a strong, toned core. Nobody enjoys a drawn out gym session so here is our top 3 stomach exercises that are fantastic for burning fat - they won't take too much time out of your day either.

Time - 10 Minutes: Set a timer at 5 minutes and complete these 3 belly blasters as many times as you can. Rest for 1 minute before continuing to repeat the same for a further 5 minutes.

Mountain climbers - 15 reps

Place your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart and extend your legs behind you. With impulse, bring your right knee into your chest, return to your original position and repeat with your left knee. Keep doing this, ensuring that you are alternating your legs properly and keeping your core engaged. Repeat.

Plank - 30-60 seconds

Lie on the floor and lean on your forearms with your legs propped out behind you. Ensure that your shoulders are aligned with your elbows. With raised hips and straight legs your body should form a rigid ‘plank’. Keep your abdominal muscles firmly engaged and hold this position for 30-60 seconds making sure you don't allow your lower back to sink whilst holding this position.

Jumps Squats - 15 reps

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Ensure that your back remains upright, bend your hips and knees until your upper legs are parallel with the floor. With impulse, jump upwards into the air and extend your legs below you ensuring that you land softly on your feet. Repeat.