One of the most popular sports supplements of all time, Creatine’s reach extends far beyond bodybuilding circles. The product’s incredible diversity means that it can benefit anybody involved in a sport that involves short bursts of intense activity. Creatine supplements are among the most widely used supplements today.

Since Creatine is not on any banned lists, its use is actually encouraged by most professional sports coaches and managers. In the US, Creatine has been used by many famous NFL and NBA players, and more than 30% of professional American athletes have admitted to using Creatine to enhance their performance. Members of the England hockey team as well as many sprinting and long-distance runners from all over the world also openly use Creatine. Even three-time world footballer of the year Zinedine Zidane has admitted to using Creatine at different stages during his career to enhance his on-field performance by helping to refuel his muscles between games. Trusted by athletes for its fast and effective results, Creatine provides huge boosts in power and energy. As well as lowering water retention and eliminating any stomach discomfort, this ground-breaking Tri-Creatine Malate formula does not require a loading or maintenance period.