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The Meteoric Rise of FORZA Raspberry Ketone 2:2:1

January 28, 2013

A mere two months after its initial release on Amazon, the world’s biggest online marketplace, FORZA’s newest weight loss sensation Raspberry Ketone 2:2:1 has blown away the competition and broken into the top 50 of over ½ million products in the ultra-competitive health and beauty category.

FORZA rose to fame as a respected supplier of high quality diet pills, in particular the mighty T5 Super Strength, which changed the face of dietary supplements in the UK by providing a safe and reliable alternative to the notorious ECA stack. Now the supplement giant is looking to expand into new markets and is achieving remarkable success with its new range of Healthy Living products.

The most impressive thing about FORZA’s premium raspberry ketone formula is that it has been formulated using just three simple, yet highly effective ingredients. In addition to a 100% natural raspberry ketone extract that helps to promote all day thermogenic fat-burning, the superior slimming pills contain the energy-boosting properties of pharmaceutical grade caffeine and the phenomenal anti-aging effects of resveratrol. As well as this hugely popular fruity fat burner, FORZA has also launched a high strength green tea supplement, a glamorous hair, skin and nails beauty complex and a relaxing 5-HTP mood enhancer. All of these products are available on the FORZA Supplements website as well as on the online Amazon store.

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