High-intensity interval training is back after a brief popular trend in 2014. A HIIT training session involves bursts of a maximum effort or speed for a set amount of seconds followed by low intensity recovery. The aim is to recover enough that you can exercise at maximum capacity during the next interval. 

HIIT workouts are typically 30 minutes or less, but they can be longer. While they may be short, they definitely aren't nicer. As suggested in the name HIIT workouts are designed to be high intensity and a major part of the appeal is that they are incredibly efficient and effective in getting cardio in and burn a lot of calories at the same time without requiring a huge amount of time. 


Group Fitness Classes

Group training classes weren't often popular until recent years and they are now rapidly on the rise. A class with 5 or more people are designed to be motivational and still effective for those at different fitness levels. 

These are great for those that fail to get motivated for a gym session or want to work out with friends while having fun and gain a social aspect. Plus when signing up for a class you are committed to the workout which can help you stay on track. 


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Wearable Technology

Activity trackers, smart watches and heart rate monitors are even more popular now. If you are into tracking your workouts, diet and sleep in numbers, wearable technology can give you interesting feedback about your lifestyle. 

Heart rate monitors in particular can also give you objective information about how hard you are working during a sweat session which can be extremely helpful if you're training to be in a specific heart rate zone. 



Body-weight Training 

Body-weight training has been on trend for a while, but it has been re popularised by the fitness world over the past few years. Body weight training is convenient as there is no equipment needed, making them great for completing anywhere and anytime. Most exercises are accessible for any fitness level and are often easy to modify as well.


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Strength Training

Strength training has been trending for years. Strength training is an extremely important element of any fitness routine. Strength training helps to prevent the age related decline of muscle mass, keeps your bones and heart healthy and helps to prevent pain and injury within every day life. 

Muscle mass also plays a role in maintaining a healthy metabolism.