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Super Slimmer Took the Plunge After He Weighed Down Flume

February 22, 2013

Super Slimmer Took the Plunge After He Weighed Down Flume

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by Chris Hunter

Chris Hunter Weight Loss

GETTING stuck on the Legolandlog flume in front of his daughters was the embarrassing wake-up call Pete Cavender needed that led to him taking drastic action over his weight. Pete’s 23-stone bulk weighed down the log so much that it would not move in the water.

His friends all had a laugh as Pete, from Maidstone, was forced to stand up and shunt the logalong the sides of the flume so it would move to the end of the ride. And while the dad-of-three, of Pope Street, joined in with the joke, he knew if he did not lose weight fast he would be in serious trouble. He had been over-doing it for years and would think nothing of scoffing a 10-piece family bucket at KFC. Since then, he has lost an astonishing eight stone and completely turned his life around. Pete, 37, said: “Everyone was watching us and having a giggle and, to hide my embarrassment, I joined in. "But deep down I was mortified,particularly as all my daughters were there.” Pete’s weight had ballooned as he travelled around the South East in his job as an engineer, living off fast food, and his waist expanded to 48 inches.

After the Legoland incident, 18months ago, Pete started exercising regularly, and using T5 Super Strength and Raspberry Ketone diet pills from FORZA Supplements. He says he can now properly cuddle his daughters for the first time in-years, adding: “They tell me now, ‘Dad, we can get our arms around you again’.” And he also hopes to return toLegoland. “I’ll go straight back tothe log flume,” he said. “And this time I won’t get stuck.”

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