FORZA T5 Super Fruits is a modern diet formula that contains a diverse blend of exotic and stimulating super fruits including African mango, Acai Berry, Bitter Melon, Green Tea, Bitter Orange, Kelp, and Raspberry Ketones. Developed using the very latest diet technology, T5 Super Fruits combines all the benefits of a strong unisex fat burner with an exciting burst of tropical fruit flavours. No other diet pill available today brings together the weight loss benefits of so many nutrient-rich tropical food extracts. Here are some of the super fruits added into each double sized diet capsule:

Raspberry Ketones – a fruit extract that drastically reduces appetite and assists in the breakdown of fat molecules. This natural thermogenic raises body temperature and boosts metabolic rate.

African Mango – a rare fruit native to Cameroon that has been shown to provide considerable reductions in cholesterol, blood pressure and body fat without any changes to diet or exercise routine.

Bitter Orange – another natural thermogenic that reduces food cravings and stimulates energy levels to improve motivation and increase the desire to exercise.

Acai Berry – this “super” berry is thought to promote thermogenesis as well as general cardiovascular and digestive health.